The Blue Lagoon


I know I will be talking a lot about my trip to Iceland in some upcoming posts but I thought I should begin with my absolute favorite part. I know most of you will assume it was the Northern Lights, but I actually preferred my time at the Blue Lagoon to all.

If you’re planning a trip to Iceland this is an absolute must-see. Ever come across posts on Instagram that are so beautiful you can’t help but think “WHERE DO YOU PEOPLE GO?!” … well this is it. Even before entering the lagoon the scenery of where people cannot swim takes your breath away (pictured above).

First you have to shower before entering the lagoon (I found that Iceland was very sanitary) and shampoo and condition your hair so that it doesn’t get dried out in the water. Then you waddle down from the changing rooms in your wet bathing suit and wade into the most relaxing room temperature water you will ever feel. As the lagoon transitions from indoors to out, you can truly feel how the water is naturally warm while the air is cool. There are also stations of face masks that apparently make you look more youthful situated all around the water!

I wish I had known earlier, but if your feeling super luxurious you can order an in-water massage…talk about a dream. It was the most picturesque-screen-saver type stuff I have ever seen. I didn’t get to take a picture of the inside where we were actually allowed to swim because I was too afraid to give my phone more water-damage. I really need to invest in a water-proof case.

More detail about my trip to come soon! Stay golden.




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