Introductions are Necessary

So I know there is an “About Me” page but let’s be honest… those are a bunch of fluff to make you sound ten times more interesting than you really are. I thought it was important to formally tell everyone a little bit about my life right now before diving right into tons of posts (helping out the commitment phobia bloggers, ya know, let you know how I act so you can see what you’re singing up for).


Aaaand cue shameless selfie. I am a beauty and fashion addict and I lover of all things Old Hollywood so you’ll see it reflects in how I present myself. I just recently dyed my blonde hair that I have had all my life to red (post on that later) so I’m still getting used to it.

Beware: I am a classic rock fanatic so there will probably be an abundance of concert reviews, bringing to light an underground band, and of course tons of pictures. Additionally,  I love cars so there might be some geeky posts where I dwell on a car modification. There will also be more travel posts and current events going on in the public relations industry.

I love my dog Scooter with the passion of a million burning suns, and well, dogs in general. I am vegetarian 85% of the time (I cave when it comes to chicken I cannot help it) and so you should probably be expecting a few posts about meals like smoothie bowls I have successfully created and maybe vegan chocolate chip banana bread. TBD.

I promise you one thing, I’m not boring. And if any of this sounds interesting I would love for you to give me a follow, as branching out from my tumblr past-life I am still trying to find new and cool blogs myself.

Stay golden!




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