Fun Encounters

Random semi-celebrity encounters are always fun, aren’t they? I know this is a random post, but I had the chance to meet and talk with Chris Distefano and Andrew Schulz from Guy Code last night after seeing their comedy show at my school with Nicole Byer from Girl Code. They were all super sweet…even after a boy from our school heckled and basically ended/ruined the show.


I have to say, I was quite amused to find out that Andrew and Nicole hate Melanie Iglesias. Apparently the first thing she said to Nicole was that it’s “so hard finding clothes being so thin.” Nicole, knowing Melanie recognized her as the largest one in the room, thought that was unnecessary. Nicole also claimed Melanie and Lisa Ramos “are too dumb to even hold a conversation.” Meanwhile, Andrew just came right out to the audience and stated, “I hate her.”

Just thought it was funny they were so blunt about it. Killed so many obsessed boys’ dreams. I appreciated their realness and how kind they were to random strangers. Andrew was definitely high though. Great night.




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