Color Change and Consequences

As you may have noticed on previous posts I just recently dyed my hair. Not simple highlights or low lights but a complete and utter change. So much so that people don’t recognize me at first glance. I was told how drastic the transition would be, but sometimes you just need to start fresh in a new chapter of your life, ya know?

I digress, the decision was to go from being bleach blonde my whole entire life to a darker shade of red. Obviously, a lot has changed besides my appearance, so I thought it might be helpful to share some things that occurred as I embraced this new and ferocious color.


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Here are two ridiculously posed selfies of me pretending to be a model. They were taken the day before I got my hair dyed and the day after. I asked to look like Scar-Jo in the Avengers…super happy with the results.

Precautions to take;

  • You’re going to need a new eyebrow product. Try as hard as you want but the color just won’t look right with the new hair-do.
  • Re-think lipstick shades. I can still rock a red, but the shades of red have changed majorly
  • That go-to bronzer might not do the trick. Your skin will appear lighter in color and you may need to invest in something new… excuse for a makeup trip am I right or am I right?
  • Your old “color” changes- I used to look best in blue and red for everything. Although they still look decent, shades of purple tend to compliment me now
  • Your hair dye might stain towels and sheets! Be extra careful
  • Personality change- honestly this might just be me, but I found with my new color certain personality traits came to light. I’m not as bubbly as I was as a blonde, maybe it is because I’m being taken more seriously than before (the sad truth) and I can see my quirky side becoming more dominant. I love it.
  • Natural hair change- I noticed the darker color, while making my hair healthier, consequently weighed my hair down and changed its natural state. My once curly hair looks a lot more wavy now. #TeamBeachyWaves
  • Invest in color saving shampoo! Stop those beautiful locks from fading.

These are just a few things I thought important, but overall embrace your inner-beauty and know that no matter the color your lovely self will show through! Spread the self-love my friends.


The new ginger Brittany


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