Makeup VS. Professionalism


The other day I had to take a professional photo to spice up my LinkedIn profile. As I was touching up my makeup and taking off my eyeliner to look “more professional” something inside me started to really get ticked off. Why is makeup so frowned upon in the professional world? The photo turned out fine but I cannot stop thinking about it.

Sure, I can understand maybe not going overboard to the point of distraction but why does a little wing and a pop of color on my lips make me less desirable to hire? A small line on my eyelid will not stop me from doing a great job and communicating well with others!

I guess it’s the same idea as tattoos in the workplace, but winged eyeliner is a part of my identity at this phase in my life. I know this is a short and off topic post from my usual stuff but I was just wondering what you guys thought about this. How much makeup is too much makeup? Let me know what you think!




6 thoughts on “Makeup VS. Professionalism

  1. Your photo reminds me of ScarJo. You asked a good question. I wear a lot of shadow and mascara but only a hint of balm on my lips. I think most people don’t notice that it’s overdone because I have a dark complexion and almost no one in my orbit “understands” how I go together. I also have curly hair and even on the straightest day, it looks a bit like bed hair. Instead of taming it, I make that part of my presentation. I have been judged on superficial issues before but now I take it as a sign that the people who are judging me have their priorities all lopsided. Thank you for making that point.


      1. You’re lovely and don’t plain Jane yourself because of some other person’s limited aesthetic. I am more productive every day if I feel confident about the way I look. Also, I get photographed a lot at work (for publications) and stared at a lot outdoors, so I always have to be ready. People will, sadly, judge my dress sense and looks and therefore me as a person from one photo and often that’s all they will ever have to go on. If I’m a bit over the top in person, it looks “presentable” in a photo. It’s a situation created and perpetuated by the environment we live in. We are not supposed to care about our looks and yet we have to accept that others will judge us based on them. Be well, lovely person. x

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