My Weekend in Jersey City: Why I Believe it to be a Growing Hotspot


So I’m totally stashing Jersey City (certain parts) under places I need to visit more frequently. Here’s why. Entering my twenties soon, which is so weird to think about, I’m trying to find as many places as possible that will create an abundance of young and fun memories. Not necessarily bar scenes, but just places that will feed my artsy soul. There’s already Hoboken and Morristown that I have been to many times, so when I got an invitation to my dear friend’s birthday party to a new spot I couldn’t resist.

Where we went, Downtown Jersey City around First Street, was chalk-full of picturesque apartment style homes and stairs that are straight out of rom-coms. There are emerging night clubs, music scenes, fantastic mural street art, parks, and some really great restaurants. It has some of everything, you can eat on the water at a beach-type restaurant or in a cute cafe that feels like you’re in the city. We went to eat at Porta, a restaurant known for its pizza that has the loveliest interior of exposed brick and fairy lights. They are popular because they tend to take all of the tables out and turn the place into a nightclub at night. Not only did I have way too much regular pizza but the Nutella pizza…


…do you know how hard that was to resist?! I had two slices with absolutely no shame.

I didn’t get any photos of the place, but I added an awkward selfie of my outfit that did manage to happen.


Honestly how I got a picture of that and not the streets I still don’t understand. Just living in the moment I guess.

Sorry this is a random post, I just had a fun weekend. Every city has some rough spots so keep that in mind but overall, with new and upcoming architecture and a scene that has truly developed for all ages, I would definitely add Downtown Jersey City to your list of fun places to visit to over the next few years.Where are some of your favorite places that are, dare I say, hip in your towns? I know I definitely want to travel to Portland, Oregon really soon and back to New Hope, Pennsylvania but I would love to hear where some of your top fun/artsy towns are!




2 thoughts on “My Weekend in Jersey City: Why I Believe it to be a Growing Hotspot

  1. Loved the jeans! I really like that color 🙂 and hey it sounds like you had a great time. I’d love to visit Seattle, NYC and of course the sunny California. Xx


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