Why I Ditched Dip Brow (and What I Am Using Now)

If you are into makeup, or even just eyebrow maintenance at all, there is a decent chance you have either heard of or used Anastasia’s Dip-Brow Pomade to fill in your eyebrows. There is a giant hype around this product, and I too found myself returning to it time and again. Yet, before my third re-purchase it really hit me… why am I buying this again? Does this product even work like I want it to? After finally branching out from the norm of what everyone around me seemed to be using, I never looked back once. Here’s what I’m using now and how the switch stepped up my eyebrow game.


So here is a picture of what my eyebrows look like now with my new purchase.


Here’s a before picture while I used Dip-brow but it is terrible quality and cropped because, well, I didn’t take before pictures with poorly filled eyebrows. It was pretty tragic.

As you can see I’ve never had a problem with eyebrow shape but with naturally blonde brows I needed them to be visible. Dip-Brow worked for me in the beginning, but after about three weeks I would notice the product got sticky and refused to cooperate. I wouldn’t even be using a lot but it would look as if the substance was caked on throughout my brows. I wanted visible eyebrows, not visible product. I’ll admit, in pictures it wasn’t so bad because all you saw was their shape. However, in natural sunlight it was a mess. I even asked multiple makeup artist friends if they have ever had a similar problem and they all agreed: Dip-Brow gets a weird texture after a while. Given, it probably didn’t help that I was using the Pomade in Blonde and that color is weird in itself.


I would find myself not even being able to finish the containers because of how weird the texture was. Look at all that wasted product and money! I was so corrupted by what I thought was “popular” and “all the beauty gurus were using” that I didn’t even acknowledge that it was not working as well as it could have for me.


Now I found my new Holy Grail of eyebrow product. Upon recommendation of a friend I tried the Sephora brand eyebrow pencil in “Rich Chestnut.” It glides on smooth and easy, blends to look natural, and has a beautiful color. On the other end of the pencil is a small brow brush that gets the job done. It is even waterproof and stays on all day, much better than the Dip-Brow Pomade ever could for me.

I know it probably helps that my eyebrows are darker now after dying my hair red, but I can assure you, the product as a whole just works a lot better for my personal use. I can finally take photos where I feel confident about how I look (and get comments like “WOW eyebrow goals!”) So sorry Dip-Brow, we had a good run. But it’s over now and we are never ever getting back together.

Has anyone else ever had problems with the Dip-Brow product or are you sticking with it? Let me know!




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