Personal Style VS Society’s Standards


It took me 19 years to begin not caring about what other people think. I’m still learning! When I realized my personal style preference and the norm for most people my age was out of whack, I hit a speed bump. “Change to not feel out of place? Or stick to what makes me feel like my truest self?” was the constant tug of war I was torn between. I chose the second option.

Looking like a crossbreed of 50s Hollywood glam and a grandma artist is what makes me feel like I can conquer the world. The right dress and statement necklace give me the confidence to talk to anyone about anything. I used to let the feeling of sticking out like a sore thumb hinder my style. Porcelain skin with a bright red dress when everyone else is tan and wearing jean shorts? Far from blending in. I hate being the center of attention so this was an obstacle for me.

I only made a breakthrough when one of my peers pointed out that people were staring because I was different in a good way. When you feel like yourself and rock it, you flourish. You enhance your own personal brand and people are drawn to you for doing your thing.

So I encourage you, go try on that outfit you love but others might judge you for. You’re going to be 10 feet under one day. Dress for yourself. Screw fashion shows saying what you have to become…unless your dress is hindering you from moving forward in anyway, do what makes you happy.


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