Lessons Danny Clinch taught me indirectly

It takes a very certain type of person to inspire me. Usually, it’s someone who doesn’t intend to be inspirational at all, but rather someone who leads by example and lives with zeal. That’s why when I visited Danny Clinch‘s gallery in Asbury Park, and felt passion in the room the same way cigarette smoke lingers, I knew I would walk away with something meaningful. And I did. Here’s some things I learned from Danny just through observation:

  • We’re just ordinary people

*Humming- “we don’t know which way to go”*.  Danny Clinch has probably photographed you, your mom, and eclectic uncle’s favorite musicians. Seriously- the list is endless. Yet, despite the obvious cool-factor of listening, playing, and photographing music he gives everyone the same attention. Whether you’re Grammy-award winning talent, or a weirdo fan from NJ, Danny remains professional and kind. He seems to see people for what they really are, which is probably why some very well-known people can consider him a friend.  This showed me the value of character and being humble no matter where you’re at in life.

  • Harmonicas are a badass instrument

I seriously didn’t recognize this until I saw Danny go to town.

I wish I could upload this snapchat
  • Hats are cool

Self-explanatory. Went out and bought my own in less than 24 hours of taking this picture. (I’m convinced it’s made me a better bass player?)

  • Kindness is the new black

Honestly, Danny didn’t have to give me the time of day. But he joked with me, signed his book for me, and made me feel like an old friend. When I told him I wasn’t going to be able to attend his band’s sold-out show, he even offered to try and help get me tickets (which I politely declined when I saw how insanely busy he was.) Between juggling two shows and a gallery at the same time he was still thoughtful. That really resonated with me. If you are capable of making someone’s day a little better, why wouldn’t you? The golden rule people… it’s still alive and well.

  • Follow Your Bliss

I don’t think I need to elaborate on how difficult it is to make it in both the music and art worlds. Our society discourages most from even trying at least three times a day. As someone who plays bass and paints for fun, seeing Danny’s happiness and his dedication was the reminder I needed to follow my heart. When you love a hobby that hard, it’s going to love you back. This re-affirmation to avoid wasting my life couldn’t have come at a better time.

Thanks for the reminder to chase what I love even if it’s not easy Danny… you’ve probably just saved me a ton of “what ifs.”


Stay gold,

The weirdo music fan from NJ




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