Sometimes expecting nothing gives you just what you need

Over the course of 2016 I attended some of the best concerts I probably will ever attend. I’m talking last-a-lifetime-memories with groups and stage dives that’ll never happen again. So how do you top that? Well, you kind of can’t. That’s why I entered 2017 with virtually no expectations of what my music experiences would amount to, and honestly, it was the best thing I could’ve done.


Although an outwards optimist towards making the world a better place, I feel as if I’m a pessimist with myself. However, I’m always the type of pessimist who maybe leans toward seeing a glass half empty, but is still appreciative that the glass itself exists. So when I got General Admission tickets to see Kings of Leon I didn’t expect an amazing show, but knew the great value that can be held in an up close and personal concert spot.

I went in expecting to hear a few good mainstream songs and understood my chances of being shoved into the back of the masses at Madison Square Garden. But to my surprise, we got second row seats. The band came out and practically melted our faces off with riffs off their new album “Walls” that I’ve yet to hear on the radio. That’s when I realized how much fun  I was having. I don’t need to see my favorite bands to enjoy live music. In fact, the pleasant surprise of hearing a decent song you’ve never listened to before (almost) feels just as nice.


Alas, hope is not lost. If you feel you’ve already been to your best concert, and have in a sense “peaked” with live musical experiences, don’t give up on seeing other acts you think will pale in comparison. Especially if you’re a live music lover, who undergoes an almost religious release when a tune gets played just right. You just may end up holding hands with a drunk stranger crying because the bassist is “so groovy and you want to learn to play all of their riffs as soon as you get home.” Or, uh, maybe that’s just me. Thanks Kings of Leon.



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