The Chili Peppers, my first legal concert beer and more

About four months ago I bought concert tickets to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the middle of a class presentation. It was risky and kind of insane, but at the time it felt right. Fast forward many weeks of waiting and I finally got the chance to see the bass player that has made me say “wait what the…” for the last 10 years.

rhcp 2


I somehow scored row 13 tickets, which is even crazier when you consider the fact that I bought them at the same time as giving a speech to my class and professor. I brought my best friend along and we drove into Philadelphia for the night. However, as wonderful as our seats were, there were so many people holding their phones up in the air that it made it nearly impossible to see. Which then, of course, made me have to periodically hold up my phone just so I could get a better view of what I couldn’t see with me own eyes (a horrible ripple effect that I wish I didn’t have to succumb to.)

rhcp 1

But besides that, the Chili Peppers were everything I wanted them to be: jumping lunatics with funky bass lines. Every glance I got at Flea through the crowd of giants in front of me included me staring at his hands in awe. I wonder if one day I’ll be able to somewhat play slap like that? Wishful thinking most likely.

The light show the band had paired with their music was one of the more wonderful things I’ve seen recently. When I couldn’t see the band, I could look up and be surrounded by hundreds of dangling and rhythmic bulbs.

rhcp 3.jpg

I almost forgot to mention… the opening acts were astounding too. I was mistaken when I thought our tour date was getting to hear Baby Metal, and was delightfully surprised when we instead got Jack Irons and Trombone Shorty. Jack Irons was magnificently lost in his own world as his backup screen played scenes out of Alice and Wonderland. I was so happy to see the drummer I never thought I would get to see play live and screamed, “Play with Pearl Jam again!” (Sorry Matt Cameron, I do love you, it was the heat of the moment.) Additionally, Trombone Shorty played both original songs and catchy renditions of crowd favorites like Green Day. Overall, it was everything I could have wished for. I just wished they all played longer, because in comparison to the three hour Pearl Jam shows I’ve attended, it felt like RHCP were only on for twenty minutes.

By the way… my first legal concert beer as a 21 year old was also what I thought it would be as well. Slightly warm, 13 dollars and beautifully disappointing. 



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