My Second Job at the Local Record Store

Naturally, if you love music as much as me, you want to be surrounded by it as often as possible. Although I am teaching myself to play bass and frequently attend concerts, they alone aren’t enough to fulfill and balance my hobby with my student life at school. So I got a second job… again.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 4.21.01 PM.png

This isn’t the first time I’ve held multiple jobs at once. I already know how overwhelming it can be whilst trying to balance a course load and a social life… which is why I really wasn’t looking for anything. But when an opportunity basically falls into your lap, it feels like blatantly ignoring fate to deny it.

“You’re here every day anyway… would you be interested in a job if I told you it involved free music and dogs?”

After visiting my local record store so many times and becoming a valued customer, the owner picked up on my communication skills and music knowledge (AKA I can talk to people and I know a lot about music made before I was born.) Now, where my paycheck was once being drained has been replaced by free records for a few hours of labor and an the company of an adorable store dog named Chewbacca.

My music addiction is being  supported and my heart feels free. I have a little less free time, but it never feels like work. Finding old pictures and notes hidden away in our store’s books and sorting through other’s vinyl collections to decide what to keep is endlessly interesting. Music and novels are such a personal journey, and working with a diverse group of people’s belongings all day feels like I get to take peeks into other’s hidden worlds.  (And now I get dibs on Record Store Day Deals, bless.)

Find what you love and chase it friends.


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