The London Souls sold me in Asbury

Every time I go to Danny Clinch’s  Transparent gallery in Asbury Park I can rest assured that he, Tina Kerekes and Rachel Ana Dobken will curate a day full of killer jams. However, I was never expecting to hear what may be one of the greatest two-piece bands in existence right now.



The London Souls had the power of a full band with just two instruments: Tash Neal on guitar and Chris St. Hilaire on drums. With Tash’s booming vocals and Chris’ layered backup harmonies the musicians took over the venue with ease. Their stand-out track right now is called, “Steady“… and it only takes about fifteen seconds to get your feet tapping and head bopping.



Everyone who knows me is aware of how picky I am with new music. But this New York band was loud, full of soul and gave me that taste of rock ‘n’ roll I’ve been missing.  Yet, in the mix of all their energy, they also seemed to be extremely precise and focused… which is something I really dug and respected.


Did I mention they’re opening up for The Who right now? Yeah- this is your next favorite band. For more info. on The London Souls visit their website.



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