Let’s get down to brass tacks here

I am a senior studying at the University of Delaware set to graduate in fall 2017 as an interpersonal communication major, public relations concentration and advertising minor.  Through multiple internships and extracurriculars I have discovered my passion for the public relations and social media marketing worlds. These experiences developed my professionalism, secured my ability to multitask, and provided me tools to approach every scenario with both passion and an open mind.

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I have been heavily involved with the University of Delaware Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter since I was able to join. Throughout my four years as a paying-member I have held three executive board positions that helped me master a variety of skill sets such as fundraising and social media. I’ve led nationwide Twitter chats, created a LinkedIn page, won the annual PRSSA-UD Public Relations Plan Challenge, and was awarded the PRSA Delaware Case Study Scholarship. I helped implement plans for diversity and philanthropy initiatives with other executive board members and traveled to Indianapolis to participate in a national convention. Most recently, I represented my university by traveling alone to Seattle for PRSSA’s 2017 National Assembly. This was all while connecting with lifelong mentors, mentees, and friends.



My experiences at University of Delaware’s Career Service Center sharpened my wits on all things marketing and public relations. Because of continuous deadlines and my work with a variety of platforms, I know how to get things done and ask the right questions. Additionally, my non-stop interactions and problem-solving with diverse staff, students and employers has made me a better professional, leader and team member.



My time at Grow It Green Morristown, though brief, helped me discover more about myself and the communication world than I could’ve ever anticipated. I learned to plan events on a budget and how to both promote and execute them. I am a confident public speaker and able to hold a conversation with anyone because of my interaction with local businesses, media, and the diverse groups of families and individuals residing in Morristown. Furthermore, I was able to get hands-on experience in the non-profit world and was taught vocabulary, environmental stewardship and education, and participated in helping to make my community a better place. I hold the lessons learned, time on the gardens and farm, and memories of smiling families very near to my heart.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. See my LinkedIn page for more!